Shoplus enables rapid transition to selling online to help retailers boost sales during COVID-19

Businesses affected by the COVID-19 retail shutdown now have an opportunity to create an affordable, online sales channel thanks to Shoplus. The AI-powered social selling service combines live streaming and order management to allow business owners to host live-selling events directly from their store Facebook page.

Live-selling is the natural evolution of social commerce, which has been growing quickly in Thailand. Social commerce was worth around USD 5.5 billion during 2019, with around 70% of social merchants taking and processing orders manually. Shoplus automates sales processes such as order management, payment, invoicing and delivery, allowing merchants to focus on engaging with their seller during their live sale events and drive sales. During March, while shops in malls closed to the public, online sellers using Shoplus recorded 12% growth in sales over the previous month.

"The ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has forced businesses to shutter their stores, depriving many SMEs much needed revenue. Shoplus gives shop owners the chance to recover sales by selling through their existing Facebook page. Our one-stop solution includes AI-Live Sell, AI-Chatbot, and AI-Messenger Plug-in for both business level and individual social commerce merchants across multi-devices anywhere anytime. This helps process large volumes of sales in a short period of time, servicing more customers and growing revenue," said Kimmy Chen, General Manager, Shoplus.

Aimed at small business owners, Shoplus can be set-up within a few minutes by connecting to the shop Facebook page and the page owner's personal profile. Multiple admins can also be added to help with event and order management. Product is added using a Shoplus-designed format that helps process orders more efficiently during live sale events, and once this is complete, shop owners are able to schedule a live broadcast through Facebook, and Shoplus will process orders once the live sale begins.

During the live sale, Shoplus AI technology processes orders in the background, taking care of payments, delivery details, and fulfilment.

"Video content has been growing in popularity and now earns the largest audience engagement rate on Facebook. But social commerce is more than just broadcasting. Shoplus is the only Facebook Partner that combines engagement, through live selling, and sales, through order management. We are very excited about the possibilities in Thailand," added Kimmy.

Shoplus is free to sign up and try, giving merchants the chance to discover how Shoplus can support their sales activity on social media using Facebook posts. The full version of Shoplus, available for a monthly subscription of THB 1,500, allows shop owners to sell an unlimited number of products during a live sale.

Shoplus is available for Android and iOS users.

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