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iKala Provides AI-driven Digital Transformation Total Solution

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Enhance operational efficiency and drive faster customer acquisition by overcoming digital transformation and data-driven decision-making challenges with cloud computing, data analysis, and MarTech solutions.

What We Can Do

We assist enterprise customers in their digital transformation and development of AI applications through our cloud technology services, while our MarTech solutions provide comprehensive customer journey tracking and our customer data platform promotes long-term customer loyalty.

Build Tailor-made Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprise

We specialize in cloud and AI technology and partner with two of the top cloud service providers to help enterprise customers upgrade their infrastructure and unlock the value of cloud and AI technology.

Automate Cloud Monitoring and Optimization

We provide operational intelligence services that monitor cloud expenses, availability, and operations for enterprise to reduce IT costs, enhance security, stability, and enable a data-driven business model.

Create a 360-degree Customer View for Precise Marketing

We maximize customer loyalty for enterprises by leveraging first-party customer data through data integration, predictive models, and marketing applications, enabling enterprises to deliver optimized customer outreach.

Optimize Influencer Marketing with AI and Data

We offer an AI-powered influencer database and professional team to optimize the influencer marketing, providing everything from searching, matching, tracking, and evaluating to strategy formulation and advertising promotion.

Boost Creator Economy with Data

We offer creators consulting and data analysis services to optimize content, develop data-driven growth strategies, and improve social media management and business collaborations.

AI-driven Digital Transformation Total Solution

We offer expert technical consulting to help enterprises define digital transformation goals, evaluate performance, and develop AI-driven strategies through digitalization, analytics, and MarTech applications.

What We Have

With our strong R&D team, we develop total solution for AI-driven digital transformation and data-driven marketing solutions, enabling enterprise customers to establish sustainable competitive advantage.

iKala has assisted many customers and brands in achieving digital transformation and innovation with AI !

100 +
enterprise customers
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users from brands and advertisers

Case Studies

We assist enterprise customers across 6 Asian markets in 12 industries, including Fortune 500 companies, to lead their industries and achieve business growth through AI-driven digital transformation and cross-border marketing services.

CeraVe 適樂膚

See More To promote CeraVe's new product, KOL Radar assists in collaborating with hundreds of micro-influencers on Instagram Reels using the highest discussed short video strategy...


See MoreTo help accelerate the digital transformation of education and create a new normal for education in the pandemic era, iKala Cloud assists in the implementation of Google Cloud services...

Neogence 霓淨思

See MoreTo boost Neogence Skincare sales during the promotion, KOL Radar helps live stream with a well-known KOL and a dermatologist making joint appearances...


See MoreTo help S3 enhance the stability and security of its e-commerce platform with AWS, iKala Cloud leverages its cloud technology expertise and professional architecture to...


See moreTo promote a wide variety of products during Shopee's promotional period, KOL Radar helps evaluate multiple KOLs and KOCs to ensure optimal matching with each product...


See MoreTo aid Trend Micro's transition to cloud-based services, DevOps revolution, and faster security product development, iKala Cloud offers technical consulting and customized training...


See MoreTo revitalize the brand, KOL Radar helps select medium influencers that fit brand criteria and combine team creativity to develop themes such as fashion and dressing...


See More To optimize USPACE's multi-cloud advantage and establish the largest shared parking platform in Asia using GCP and AWS, iKala Cloud provides expert technical support.

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