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Revolutionize Influencer Search Experience with AI: iKala Accelerates the Development of the Largest Cross-Country Influencer Database

May 25th, 2023— iKala, a leading AI transformation solutions provider from Taiwan, announced that KOL Radar, their AI influencer data marketing platform, will utilize its extensive database of over 1 million cross-country and cross-platform influencer data, along with advanced AI analytics capabilities. The platform will now support brand users in "pre-evaluation," "post-evaluation," and "prediction" scenarios, enabling them to adopt AI-driven, performance-based influencer marketing for enhanced customer acquisition efficiency.
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[Announcement] iKala's Official Company Domain Update Notes

May 19th, 2023— iKala, a leading AI transformation solutions provider, has officially updated the company domain to iKala continues to fulfill its mission of "Empowering Your Business with AI" and remains dedicated to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals benefit from AI through our comprehensive AI transformation solutions. This domain update reflects our commitment to constant progress and growth in enabling AI competencies for our clients and partners.
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iKala Launches AIOps: An Intelligent Cloud Management Platform Featuring CloudGPT as an AI Architect for Cloud Adoption

April 12th, 2023— As AI propels the transformation of industries, cloud adoption has become a critical competitive factor. To help businesses adapt to complex cloud environments, iKala, the leading AI company from Taiwan, today announces the launch of iKala AIOps, an intelligent cloud management platform featuring CloudGPT, an AI architect with expertise in cloud architecture. Users can consult CloudGPT on iKala AIOps for cloud solution recommendations and speed up cloud transformation and innovation through intelligent security, performance monitoring alerts, and customized cloud usage reports.
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iKala Acquires KONTENT Marketing to Strengthen Influencer Marketing Strategies

iKala announced today the acquisition of KONTENT Marketing, a Taiwanese digital marketing company specializing in KOL marketing, digital ad placement, and content production and planning. The acquisition will strengthen the growth of KOL Radar, iKala's AI influencer marketing service, by combining KONTENT's extensive content production services with iKala's AI influencer data marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS) and one-stop influencer marketing services.
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iKala Announces Appointment of Tsuchiya Ryuji as Country Manager of iKala Japan

iKala, Asia's leading Human-Centered AI company headquartered in Taiwan, announced today that Tsuchiya Ryuji has been appointed the Country Manager of iKala Japan Co., Ltd. Along with the announcement, the company also pledged to significantly expand the number of global influencers on its AI influencer data marketing platform KOL Radar to one million before the end of 2022.
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