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2022/02/14 - MartechAsia

The COVID-19 pandemic made social commerce even more in-demand as people resorted to digital technology to communicate, read the latest news, and avail products and services. While e-Commerce is a high-street store over the web via online stores, social commerce takes a frictionless shopping experience over social media networks.

2021/12/20 - Meet Global

There's plenty of research showing that money and fancy perks are not deciding factors anymore — employees want more freedom, recognition and a renewed sense of purpose at work.

2021/11/30 - Tech Wire Asia

We are living through times where the opportunity for social media as a sales channel cannot be ignored. It is the sheer amount of time spent by people, especially younger generations, on social media apps that are making social commerce the new indisputable market trend.

2021/11/30 - Meet Global

Last month, National startup brand – Startup Island Taiwan, held the ceremony event in Taipei 101 to award the 9 startups that were selected as NEXT BIG. Going global is their primary mission, and the Japanese market might be their first stop.

2021/07/16 - The Business TImes

To take on larger enterprises that have the resources and preparedness to cope with the new digital environment, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Asia Pacific need better access to advanced AI technologies to navigate the evolving landscape.

2020/08/19 - Meetup

iKala, a Taiwan-based startup that develops AI to help clients make marketing decisions, plans to launch in Indonesia and Malaysia after raising a $17 Series B. The round is led by Wistron Digital Technology Holding Company, an investment arm of Wistron, with participation from existing investors Hotung and Pacific Venture Partners.