【CDP Team】資深後端工程師 (Golang)

Website iKala

  1. Design, develop, and own key service of the Customer Data Platform on GCP, including end-to-end responsibilities from design to monitoring, issue handling, business feasibility estimation.
  2.  Effectively synthesize various perspectives, guiding technical decisions through system design documents, tech talks, and code reviews.
  3.  Actively engage in our agile processes, aligning with and contributing to the goals and vision of our roadmap.
  4.  Demonstrates the ability to handle business timelines without losing focus on essential key tasks.
  5.  Strong team player with a proactive approach to improving product quality and taking ownership of initiatives.
  1. Experience in building Distributed Systems.
  2.  2-5 years of backend development experience with strong proficiency in Go programming and a focus on Clean Architecture.
    a. Knowledge of Go common tools such as gin, gorm, grpc etc.
  3.  Experience in System design, creating design documents for effective communication.
    a. Proficient in handling scalability and availability challenges for diverse business scenarios.
  4.  Experience in Git, Docker, Kubernetes, CICD, and automation tools.
  1.  Experience in big data products, including customer data platforms, with a proven ability to design diverse data schema and data protocol formats to optimize query efficiency and storage size.
  2.  Experience in optimizing performance and cost in BigQuery, with proficiency in designing and handling TB-level data.
  3.  Experience in integrating 3rd party MarTech tools and possesses knowledge of the MarTech domain.


To apply for this job email your details to amy.chen@ikala.tv