【iKalarians' Story】Tsuchiya Ryuji—— the General Manager of iKala Japan

Tsuchiya Ryuji, Country Manager of iKala Japan

"My mission is to mentor the next generation of talent and create new business opportunities for iKala Japan."

Before joining iKala, I've worked for major international companies including Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Coca Cola. This is my first time joining a foreign company with innovative DNA. Thus, I would like to share my insights from what I learned from the past experiences and the excitement for joining iKala.

Me in Japanese culture

In Japan, "trust" is highly valued, therefore I prioritize "respect" and "sincerity" in both work and family relationships as they foster trust. I also believe that age doesn't matter, and it's important to uphold these values.

The Japanese saying goes: "The stake that sticks out gets hammered down ( 出る杭は打たれる )." means that in groups, standout individuals may be "suppressed", resulting in people not daring to outstand. However, this goes against my beliefs. From my perspective, talented people deserve a supportive working environment to flourish, so I aim to leverage my past experience and provide that for the next generation of talent. I believe all of these can be achieved at iKala!

From Japan to Taiwan, the shift in working patterns and culture

I was introduced to iKala by a headhunting firm.

At first, I was unfamiliar with iKala and declined the opportunity, but gradually I became interested in AI technology after researching. Besides, I believe iKala's KOL Radar and iKala CDP can address the challenge of the Cookieless trend and help solve the needs and pain points of enterprises. My first meeting with the iKala team was very positive. The team had a collaborative, innovative atmosphere and I was impressed by Sega's humility and willingness to listen. That's why I joined iKala, as I knew it would be a fun and productive work environment.

It is my great honor to work with all the iKalarians. Although different cultural backgrounds may bring challenges, team members of iKala Japan all have working experience in Japan, so I don't really feel cultural differences when getting along with them. Without a doubt, there may be differences between Taiwanese and Japanese companies, but open communication can bridge those gaps. If I have the opportunity in the future, I want to learn Chinese and continuously improve my language skills.

As the general manager of iKala Japan, I aim to bring dynamism and new opportunities which I believe are the fuel that drives a successful enterprise, to iKala, which is also my expectation for staying at the startup company. Japanese culture values trust, and they have the same value when doing business. Therefore, I will work to enhance iKala's reputation in Japan, and leverage my past experiences to help iKala become a brand recognized and trusted by Japanese enterprises, and to further promote products and services to the Japanese market and help Japanese enterprises expand globally!

The first experience with a startup atmosphere: the dynamic interaction between the new and old generations

I aim to not only drive the company's business objectives, but also to mentor and develop the next generation of talent.

Since joining iKala, I have seen a dynamic, yet disciplined work environment along with the open communication and efficient decision-making structure. "Freedom is a responsible choice." I believe that an "excellent technical environment" and "a working environment that values autonomy" like iKala provides a valuable opportunity for growth. I also believe that by sharing my experience and expertise and working with a supportive education system, I can bring out the full potential of the young and talented team at iKala.

My very first startup experience at iKala was both challenging and fascinating, as it was vastly different from previous work environments. Instead of just being a senior executive who approves documents, I want to work with my partners in a fast-changing environment. While there may be pressure, it also fuels my drive for innovative and new ideas at work.

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