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I Enjoy Fast Changes And Constant Communication In the KOL Radar Internship

Maggie Tsao, Public Relations Intern, KOL Radar

graduated with a double major in Business Administration and Finance at NTUST. Now I study at Institute of Technology Management as a graduate student at NTHU. Though I learned a broad knowledge in management, a business degree can lead to so many  opportunities, which makes me wonder what to do in the future.

When I was a junior, I participated in many activities and internships to explore my career path, such as assisting in a research project with my professor and participating in an innovation and entrepreneurship competition with classmates. What's more, we won a prize in that contest. It was then that made me feel interested in the startup industry. Nevertheless, with a double major in Business Administration and Finance, I still wanted to try it in the financial sector. Hence, I started an internship at a famous financial leasing company. I got along well with my colleagues there, but I found a regular nine-to-five work pattern was not suitable for me. Through this experience, I understood what I want to join is a startup with a flexible and free culture.

My Three Factors For An Internship - Interest, Prospect, And Learning Depth

The most crucial point is whether I am interested in the job. Instead of being a full-time worker, I could explore what I am passionate about as a student. Second, I would consider the prospects of industries and choose a promising company from them. Third, whether I could learn a lot during the internship period is also essential for me.

In addition to the above three points, I came into contact with some startup teams when I did the research project. The experience of winning an award in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition made me interested in the startup industry. With the hope of joining a mature startup, iKala became one of my choices.

KOL marketing is now all the rage as social media becomes more and more prevalent. Compared to other KOL marketing companies, iKala's services are broader and richer, which I consider a potential corporation. Besides, iKala emphasizes a human-centered culture, which demonstrates that it regards everyone's voice and employees' career plans. Moreover, iKala's 8 core values and its lively culture also attract me. Before I applied, I inquired about an upperclassman who ever did an internship at iKala. She had a wonderful experience at iKala, and recommended it to me sincerely. For these reasons, I made up my mind to join iKala.

Numerous oral presentations in graduate courses cultivate my communication and data collection skills, which push me to do research on different kinds of industries and follow the latest trends. These trainings and the experience of participating in an innovation and entrepreneurship competition gave me a better understanding of clients' needs. And these soft skills are essential in my daily work as a KOL public relations intern.

As A Bridge Between the Company And KOLs, I Patiently Accomplished Many Long-term Business Cases

The above abilities help me achieve my primary mission "To accomplish business cases," which are long processes with several trifles and details. I have to communicate with internal departments and clients closely, so the ability to communicate and coordinate is essential.

Once we proceed with cases, we have to check numerous rules of business cases. And I will contact KOL candidates who are provided and filtered by planners and me, to inquire whether they would like to cooperate with us and then I will report to account managers and brands. If they agree to work with us, I will communicate with them frequently. What I have to do includes sending samples to them, scheduling social media posts, reviewing copywriting and image of posts before publishing. After releasing these posts, I have to check whether materials conform to the rules and ask KOLs to provide data of post performance to me.

Contacting Nearly 100 KOLs At One Time, I Deal With All Kinds Of Problems And Crises

The experience made me feel a sense of accomplishment was contacting nearly 100 KOLs at one time. And I had to tackle many emergencies, but if they had gotten posts done, I would have a sense of fulfillment.

Sometimes it got me frustrated, too. For example, KOL didn't reply to me in time or they wanted to break up the partnership with us, and it made me have no idea what to do in the beginning. After my mentor gave me some suggestions, I could calmly apply my previous experience to deal with these problems. Like one time, a KOL thought he only needed to take a photo in a case, yet we told him that a video had to be filmed in this business plan. Then he would like to cancel this business case. Hence, I tried to propose some alternatives, such as increasing the case fee and providing him with free products for fans. Eventually, he changed his mind to keep our partnership.

In another experience, a KOL used a skincare product provided by a partner brand, then her face peeled. Out of the blue, I had to comfort her right away and clarify the reason by asking the brand to provide its ingredients. My colleague also assisted me in dealing with the follow-up process. This experience also made me feel a sense of fulfillment. 

To Handle Lots Of Communication, You Need To Excel In Time Management

The challenge in this job is that you need to excel in time management, for I have to communicate with several KOLs at one time. Furthermore, they often text me when I am off work. If I don't reply to them in time and make them wait for too long, they may think I am impolite. But if I constantly respond to their problems, my daily routine will be interrupted by work. As a consequence, I scheduled matters according to their priorities and put off things with lower priority until I was on duty. In sum, communication skill and time management are the most important abilities I learned here.

If You Are Also Interested In the Position of KOL Public Relations Intern...

Suppose you embrace a flexible culture and lifting atmosphere in the office, and you follow KOLs in different industries and command communication skills and time management. In that case, last but not least, if you value personal growth, then maybe the position of KOL public relations will be suitable for you.

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