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Where Psychology Meets Human Resources, iKala is Just Like my Hogwarts

Mindy Lien, iKala Human Resources Intern

I am currently studying at the Department of Psychology at Fu Jen Catholic University. The atmosphere of the Department of Psychology is different from that of other departments. When a group of people get together and chat, it becomes like a group consultation. Everyone will ask each other "Why do you think you feel this way?" Therefore, I think In addition to the development of professional knowledge, what I have learned most school is soft skills, which allow us to think from different perspectives and have a clear logic to analyze the emotions of others and that of myself.

Applying Psychology in the Human Resources Field

There are two different discipline clusters in our department, one is Industrial and Commercial Psychology and the other is Counseling and Consulting Psychology, so that students can choose according to their own areas of interest. Industrial and Commercial Psychology, which I chose, includes marketing, user experience and human resources, so I get to lay a solid foundation for the development of my career.

I think the advantage of my psychology background in the human resources work lies in the "evaluation". We attach great importance to experimental design and statistics. Applying these skills to work, we can use statistical methods to evaluate whether the courses are helpful to employees and use data to convince others. The professional ability of needs assessment is also very useful for understanding target audiences, setting course goals, and finally leading to a comprehensive training plan that can really help colleagues.

Factors to Look for in My Ideal Job

When it comes to choosing jobs, what I care most is learning and growth: Does what I can learn in this position fit my personal career plan? Can I continue to grow here? Secondly relationship between colleagues. I really like the feeling that everyone works together for the same goal. Third, company culture. You can understand what the company expects of its employees and how it treats its employees. I also believe that it is necessary to truly agree with and conform to the company's culture to lead a happy and fulfilling career.

Compared to traditional companies with relatively rigid systems and organizations, I am more inclined to startups, with a lively atmosphere, close relationships with colleagues, and greater flexibility that allows employees to explore and grow.

My First Real Taste of Working in an Enterprise

Human Resources Intern at iKala is my first real taste of work. Before I came here, I didn't know much about iKala. I only remembered that it is a very lively company. The decisive factor for me to join iKala was that during the peer interview, I really felt that the atmosphere of the company is what I yearn for. In addition, since I was also interested in marketing, iKala's AI influencer marketing service KOL Radar soon piqued my interest. I was looking forward to working as a human resources intern, but at the same time taking a glimpse of what people in KOL Radar team do.

My work as a human resources intern includes interview invitation, recruit information updates, interview tests arrangement and assistance in the organization of internal training courses. After working in iKala for a few months, I deeply feel that this is a very dynamic company. Whenever I share my internship experience here with my classmates, everyone envy the unique company culture and the working atmosphere here.

Although I am not very good at expressing my inner thoughts to everyone, I really love the colleagues I met here and feel extremely thankful for their help and guidance. In the past, I always felt that I am like jack of all trades but master of none, but after coming to iKala, my mentors praised me a lot and let me know what I am good at it. Even if my mentors are very busy, they will always take time to discuss with me as long as I have questions.

I really like the quote from Professor Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter: "Help shall always be given at Hogwarts, to those who ask for it." To me, iKala is like Hogwarts, as long as I call for it, someone will lend a helping hand. I am very happy that my first internship was at iKala, where I met versatile colleagues and broaden my horizons for the future.

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