A Strong Finance Team Helps iKala Gain Footholds in Foreign Markets

Human-centered is not taking the company as a family, but a team on the court that everyone can reach their potential to win the game.

By Sara Huang, Finance & Accounting Deputy Manager, iKala

I joined iKala in 2016. As the company grew, dialogues and interactions with investors became more and more frequent. More than two years ago, CFO Candy asked if I was interested in work that was related to stock affairs. I did not put too much thought into it at the time; I told her yes, even though I was unfamiliar with the task. This opened a new world for me that was different from finance. From preparing for board meetings and shareholder meetings, to participating in the due diligence (DD) process of Series B funding, as well as the closing phase—I was in the thick of it all. This job afforded me the chance to sit in on board meetings and to be in the same room as iKala's various board members. I heard firsthand the valuable advice they offered iKala to help it grow.

The precious lessons I learned as I watched iKala grow in the capital market were very helpful. Later, when there were questions about how iKala was going to invest in other companies, or how other startups were going to find funding, or when iKala encountered any stock-related issues overseas—I found that my experience provided valuable insight. 

Here's something else that left a deep impression on me. About a month before the Lunar New Year holiday in 2020, I learned that the company had received an urgent request from a client that may require us to set up a branch in Hong Kong. I thought of nothing besides helping my company achieve its goal. I spent a week doing research. I learned about the rules and tax regulations that were related to setting up a branch in Hong Kong. Once I felt I had a grasp on the situation, I initiated the process of opening our Hong Kong branch. Time was of the essence; so, when I noticed that Hong Kong returned to work a day before Taiwan, I made it my mission to make sure the paperwork related to iKala's Hong Kong branch would be ready for review on Hong Kong's first workday. A day before the holidays wrapped up in Taiwan, I arranged for the accountants and our CEO Sega to sign all the documents in front of a notary. Then, I scanned and sent the documents to the agency in Hong Kong. I made sure the entire process could be completed as soon as possible.

Establishing a company is a long and arduous process. In the past three years, I've helped iKala open branches and accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. As a member of the finance team, even I find our progress to be impressive. Thankfully, iKala has a resourceful finance team that always makes sure everything runs smoothly, so iKala could explore more and more international markets.


Stock affairs: Work involving shareholders, equities, and stocks, including the opening of accounts for shareholders, updating shareholder information, transfer of stocks, creation or annulment of pledges, the arrangement of shareholder and board meetings, payment of dividends, outsourcing the printing of stocks, fielding shareholder queries, stock-related government rules and regulations, etc.

Due diligence: Before signing a contract or business deal, a due diligence survey of the business deal and the parties or companies involved in the deal is conducted according to the Standard of Care.

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